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  • Too Much Punch for Judy
    Written by Mark Wheeller
    The most performed short play to the late-teens age group in the UK.

    APE's production of Mark Wheeller's award winning drink drive documentary drama pulls no punches as it tells the harrowing tale of a young woman who kills her sister in an alcohol-related road accident.

    APE's production of the play has been touring since 1988. It is approximately forty five minutes long, tight, pacy and rich in emotion, kicking off with ten minutes of devised, funny physical theatre.

    The play is coupled with a discussion based workshop which forces the audience to consider drink and drink-driving within their peer group.
    Too Much Punch for Judy tells the true story of an incident which happened on May 20th 1983. Using only the words of those involved or closely affected, the play explores the problems surrounding the death of Joanna when her sister was at the wheel in a drink-drive incident. The play looks at the sisters relationship with each other and their mother. It then concentrates on the actual crash and immediate aftermath, mainly through the eyes of the first witness at the scene. PC Chris Caten, in real life a good friend of the family, then has to break news of Joanna's death to her mother and Judy in turn, before the mother and daughter are left to deal with their loss.

    The power of Too Much Punch For Judy lies in it's truth, the comic bitter sweet way it drives home the message. It hits the audience hard because not only is what happened real, but the words, taken from interviews of those involved, are real as well.

    An opening section of fast, funny physical theatre is followed by naturalistic scenes of high emotional-intensity to make a tight production which is as entertaining as it is thought provoking.

    During the performance, tears stream down the faces of actors and audience alike. Performed in a simple square with few props. The actors speak directly to the audience as well as to each other.

    You can download the seating plan for this play here.

    If you wish to book this play for a week please visit the contact page.


    - Judy
    - Jo/Mum
    - Duncan/Charge Nurse Davis
    - PC Chris Caten


    - Just another night on the piss
    - Childhood and youth in retrospect
    - The events leading up to the incident
    - Scratch Bridge - scene of the incident
    - Inside Mum's house
    - The Hospital
    - In retrospect